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    You can book your vehicle in telephonically, or by completing the form below. A representative will contact you to confirm your booking.

    We will gladly take you back to your office or home, if it is within a 10 km radius of our premises. When booking in your car, please make us aware that you will require a lift back to your office or home in the morning to allow us the necessary arrangements.

    The vehicle is assessed by a mechanic or placed on a diagnostics machine if required. A report is formed which indicates what work has to be done or what parts require repairs or replacement. The customer is contacted telephonically and informed of the findings as well as the cost to carry out the service and repair. A full explanation of the additional work and most importantly the safety implications of not affecting the repairs explained. Customers will be made aware of the full financial implications of the TOTAL repair and service cost. No additional work is undertaken without the customer’s prior consent. Only once the manager has received approval from the customer, are the parts ordered.